A Sweet Afternoon in the Heart of Athens at Margarita’s Home

Price is 119€ / Person



Margarita’s experience is one of the most unique ways for you to discover the sweet gems of Greece. Walk in an elegant, luxurious house, where Margarita spends her daily life. 

Take part in a 3-hour trip of tastes and let your hostess teach you the secrets of traditional pastry making. Feel at home and have fun in a warm social environment, where locals and visitors can share their stories. 

Last but not least, enjoy the delicious creations of Margarita and satisfy your sweet tooth! That special memory of Greece will stay forever in your heart!



Margarita, an Athenian local who loves being where the city’s heart beats, now lives with her daughter in a central marvelous apartment, decorated by herself.

Having worked in various fields, she developed many skills and interests, and she never stops exploring new activities. As an elegant and delicate person, Margarita has an excellent taste in all fields and of course, cooking could not be an exception.

Her love for good authentic Greek food, presented in a beautiful way, makes her create the most delicious and valuable menus for her guests. She also owns a unique all-day restaurant on a Greek island.




The Menu



A classic Greek sweet made with multiple layers of phyllo pastry, spread with melted butter, silky cinnamon – orange syrup and a light layer of nuts, either pistachios or walnuts.

This celebrated, traditional dessert which consists of phyllo pastry and a semolina custard, can be served hot during winter or refreshingly cold in the summer.

Semolina Halva
One of the three main versions of halva, this local delicacy is spiced with cinnamon, as well as lemon and orange peel.

Orange Pie
Also called Portokalopita this uniquely designed sweet combines phyllo pastry with orange juice and zest, accompanied by sugar, eggs and milk.

Spoon Sweets
Such desserts, which combine seasonal fruits, vegetables, or nuts with sugar, are traditionally offered to guests as a gesture of welcome.



Greek Coffee
The traditional Greek coffee, a strong brew, is served with foam on the top (kaimaki) and the grounds at the bottom of the cup.

Greek Mountain Tea
This special variety of tea is a naturally caffeine – free herbal tea, usually enjoyed at breakfast or after lunch and dinner.



The area is called Syntagma, and it is the actual center of Athens, the heart of the historic triangle! Located on the borders of Kolonaki, just on the side of the Greek Parliament, Margarita’s home is surrounded by beautiful buildings and is close to many elegant stores and bars. 

The neighborhood is easily accessible by all means of transportation, foot, or taxi and Margarita’s experience can be a unique stop of your city tour.



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