An Amusing Participation in Greek Cooking at ira's Home

Price is 80€ / Person


Agni’s event is one of the most interactive ways for you to enjoy Northern Greece’s traditional food, which is widely famous for its unique flavors. Walk in a cozy and lively house, where Agni spends her everyday life.

Take part in a 4-hour alternative lesson and let your hostess teach you how to prepare by yourself some of the famous recipes of Thessaloniki. Learn about her cooking techniques, her fresh ingredients and her version of the local countryside culture.

Last but not least, enjoy Agni’s delicious dishes, holding a glass of wine and sharing your stories. That special memory of Greece will stay forever in your heart!

The menu consists of a salad, a main course, a desert and two glasses of red wine per person.



Agni, who was born and raised in Northern Greece, has a deep knowledge of Greek food’s culture, mostly from the big family meals in the village that are usually full of the most authentic delicacies, as well as from her everyday care of her two children as a typical Greek mom.

Her work environment also contributes to her experience, as she is employed for over 30 years in one of the most elegant and outstanding restaurants of the city. 

As hospitality and caring for other people is her second nature, Agni is definitely a genuine hostess for her guests.


The Menu



Fresh Seasonal Steamed Vegetables

While the most common vegetables in Greek cuisine are zucchinis, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants, there is a really big variety at all times of the year.



Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Being one of the most typical traditional dishes of the country, these rolls are filled with ground pork and rice and doused in a sauce of egg and lemon.



Sweet Twisted Pumpkin Pie

Made of traditional pie sheet (called phyllo), this dessert gets really elevated when it gets covered by powdered sugar.



Two Glasses of Red Wine per Person

Northern Greece is rich in a vine variety called “black and sour” which gives great red wines with a deep color and light fruity flavors.


Agni’s home is located in the famous district of Toumba, a residential neighborhood near the center of Thessaloniki, widely known for its famous local football stadium. 

The place is easily accessible by taxi, your own vehicle, or bus. Agni’s lunch could be a perfect stop for you, before or after exploring the city of Thessaloniki or a trip to Khalkidhiki beach.



  • If the minimum number of participants is not completed up to 48 hours before a scheduled event, then the event may not take place and its bookings may not be able to be approved.
  • If a participant cancels up to 48 hours before a scheduled event, they are entitled to a full refund. A later cancellation is not refundable.