A Jazzy Breakfast in Thessaloniki at Dionisis and Eleni’s Home

Price is 70€ / Person



Dionisis’ experience is a brilliant idea for starting your day in Thessaloniki! Walk in a lively and welcoming house, where Dionisis and Eleni live with their son. Take part in a 3-hour interactive trip of flavors and let your hosts combine traditional cuisine and authentic ingredients with a modern, stylish, and distinctive sense.

Learn new recipes and how to treat your friends in a Greek way, wherever you are in the world, all year round. Last but not least, enjoy the goodies of that rich breakfast along with jazz music and a cozy lounge atmosphere or clink your glasses in front of the amazing outside view. That special memory of Greece will stay forever in your heart!

The menu consists of a salad, a main course, a desert and two glasses of red wine per person.




Dionisis, born and raised in Thessaloniki, has a deep knowledge and love for Greek cuisine. 

Having an expertise in cooking more than 30 years long, he now owns two of the most elegant and outstanding restaurants of the city, with amazing and delicious dishes. 

He and his wife Eleni, both warm and cosmopolitan personalities, live in a cozy house near the center, with an excellent view, where they enjoy welcoming old and new friends for meals and fun.


The Menu



Koulouri of Thessaloniki
This round sesame bread stick is known as the city’s breakfast trademark and can be found at street sellers in every little corner of the center.

Bougatsa with Cream
This so popular sweet pastry, made with thin, crispy pastry sheets, has its origins in Constantinople and it has become a symbol of Thessaloniki and all Northern Greece.

Greek Yogurt
Strained Yogurt is widely used in Greek cuisine both for salty and sweet foods. Dionisis and Eleni use only original yogurt instead of the industrialized one, which still remains on fermentation.



Eggs, Scrambled or Fried
Greek scrambled eggs are usually made with feta cheese, grape tomatoes and olive oil.



Spoon Sweets
Such desserts, which combine seasonal fruits, vegetables, or nuts with sugar, are traditionally offered to guests as a gesture of welcome.



Greek Coffee or Cold Frappe
The traditional Greek coffee, a strong brew, is served with foam on the top (kaimaki) and the grounds at the bottom of the cup.

Greek Mountain Tea
Called “tou vounou”, this naturally caffeine-free herbal tea makes a relaxing, antioxidant and therapeutic drink.

Home-Made Orange Juice
A fresh orange juice could not be absent from a traditional morning meal.



Dionisis and Eleni’s location is right next to the famous Park of Mpotsari, a residential neighborhood near the center of Thessaloniki. A visitor can find great places to walk nearby, as beautiful green areas mix with the blue wide seaside. 

The place is easily accessible by taxi, your own vehicle, or bus and you can even walk from and to the center. Dionisis’ breakfast could be a perfect first stop for you, before you start exploring the city of Thessaloniki or before a trip to Khalkidhiki beach.



  • If the minimum number of participants is not completed up to 48 hours before a scheduled event, then the event may not take place and its bookings may not be able to be approved.
  • If a participant cancels up to 48 hours before a scheduled event, they are entitled to a full refund. A later cancellation is not refundable.