A Delicious Brunch in the Heart of Athens at Eri’s Home

Price is 112€ / Person



Eri’s experience is one of the most special and outstanding ways to have a long meal before exploring the historic center of Athens. Walk in a charming, artistic house, where Eri lives with her lovely cats and dogs. 

Take part in a 3,5 – hour interactive session, tasting one of the richest and most delicious brunches you could imagine. Let your hostess guide you to a unique cultural tour, where traditions, stories and recipes will be revealed to you.

Last but not least, have a good time with Eri and other visitors, socialize and clink your glasses! That special memory of Greece will stay forever in your heart!

The menu consists of a salad, a main course, a desert and two glasses of red wine per person.



With studies in Interior Architecture and having artistic roots, Eri expressed her culinary inclination early in her life and became an amazing self-taught cook. That art attracted her so much that she collaborated with many restaurants and food places, creating her own menus. 

Her passion is to transmit authentic, rare, or even forgotten traditional recipes from all over the country, along with information about customs, traditions, and habits of the old Greek family. She loves animals and lives with some adorable cats and dogs. 

Being a very friendly and warm person, Eri offers to her guests generously not just delicious food, but also great cultural knowledge.


The Menu



Greek Cookies (two types)

Called Koulourakia, cookies are an important part of Greek bakery, and they can be a perfect accompaniment for coffee.

Greek Cookies (two types)

Called Koulourakia, cookies are an important part of Greek bakery, and they can be a perfect accompaniment for coffee.

Olive Oil Cake

Ideal for breakfast, this type of cake has a rich, flavorful, and moist texture.

Honey and Tahini

Tahini, made from toasted ground hulled sesame, can be a highly rich and flavorful element for a morning meal.

Rice Pudding

A very easy dessert, made basically from rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon, rice pudding belongs to the most common grandma’s treats.

Village Bread, Olives and Paximadi Bread (three types)

Paximadi is a delicious and nutritious twice-baked bread, originally from Crete, that is usually prepared with hulled barley flour, rye flour or carob.



Cretan Dakos Salad

This vegetarian salad, one of the most popular Greek dishes, uniquely combines the crisp paximadi with fresh tomato, olive oil and feta cheese.



Greek Eggs Kayanas or Omelet with Spearmint and Cheese

Also known as Strapatsada, Kayanas is a tasty dish of scrambled eggs combined with fresh tomatoes and sometimes more vegetables.

Fried Eggs with Staka Butter

Staka is a type of clarified butter produced from 100% sheep’s milk and makes one of the most basic elements of Crete’s cuisine.

Sweet Pie with Honey and Sesame / Walnuts

Two of the most delicious Greek sweet pies are Sfakianopita (Sfakian pie) and Neropita (water pie) and both are served by people of Crete as treats to their guests.

Salty Pie with Spinach, Greens, Pumpkin or Fennel

Although Spanakopita is the most famous, Greek pies are really numerous and are rarely absent from a traditional table.



Greek Yogurt

Strained Yogurt is widely used in Greek cuisine both for salty and sweet foods.

Marmalades or Spoon Sweets

Such desserts, which combine seasonal fruits, vegetables, or nuts with sugar, are traditionally offered to guests as a gesture of welcome.

Seasonal Fruits

Melon, watermelon, grape, peach, apricot, fig, cherry are only some of the spring – summer fruit species that can be found in the Greek market.



Greek Coffee or Cold Frappe

The traditional Greek coffee, a strong brew, is served with foam on the top (kaimaki) and the grounds at the bottom of the cup.

Local Beer or Refreshment

The Greek brewery has a really big variety of special and aromatic beers, often produced in the islands.


The area is called Pangrati and belongs to the wider center of Athens, as it is located at walking distance from the historic triangle and the main attractions of the city.

Less than 10 minutes from Kallimarmaro Stadium (the one of the ancient Olympic Games), Eri’s home is around beautiful places for amusements, or walks. The neighborhood is easily accessible by all means of transportation, foot, or taxi and Eri’s brunch can be a unique first stop of your city tour.



  • If the minimum number of participants is not completed up to 48 hours before a scheduled event, then the event may not take place and its bookings may not be able to be approved.

  • If a participant cancels their booking up to 48 hours before a scheduled event, they are entitled to receive a full refund. A later cancellation will not be refundable.