A Tasteful Variety of Greek Meze at Maria's Home

Price is 84€ / Person



Maria’s home is one of the best places for you to experience Northern Greece’s traditional cuisine, which is worldwide famous for its unique flavors, many of them originating from Asia Minor’s Greeks. Walk in a warm and hospitable house, where Maria lives and creates. 

Take part in a 3-hour entertaining lesson and let your hostess introduce you to the secrets of the local countryside culture. Learn about her cuisine’s fresh ingredients, which are carefully collected from the markets of Modiano and Capani. 

Last but not least, enjoy the variety of flavorful dishes, while sharing your stories, discovering new recipes, and having a good time. That special memory of Greece will stay forever in your heart!

The menu consists of all the dishes that are mentioned and described below.




Maria, who was raised in Thessaloniki, could be regarded as a traditional cook of her popular city. 

She now lives with her daughter, Nefeli, in a cute and vivid apartment, having an amazing view of the Byzantine Walls and the town.

Her talent for cooking, first expressed in her childhood, has been gradually combined with many years of practice in different dishes. Being a friendly and welcoming personality, Maria makes her guests feel very comfortable and at home. 





Traditional Greek Fava with Mackerel
Fava, one of the most typical Greek dishes, is a purée made of yellow split peas.

Greek Fish Roe Dip
Alternatively named Taramasalata, this sauce made of fish eggs, is an integral part of many Greek festivities.

Smoked Eggplant Dip
Eggplant is a basic element for an abundance of Greek recipes.



Greek Salad with Feta Cheese
Also known as Horiatiki, the popular Greek salad is made with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, olives, and oregano.



Greek Meatballs
This famous dish, made of ground beef, flour and a selection of Greek spices, is one of the most typical grandmas’ delicacies.

Stuffed Vine Leaves
The grape leaves are filled with rice and herbs, cooked with lemon.



Two Glasses of Ouzo per Person
Ouzo is a dry, anise-flavored aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece.




Vardaris, whose name appears in a number of Greek folk songs, is one of the most central districts of Thessaloniki.

The street, where Maria lives, belongs to a residential neighborhood at a walking distance from many important attractions of the city, such as the Aristotelous Square, the Roman Forum and the White Tower. 

The neighborhood is easily accessible on foot, by taxi, your own vehicle, or bus. Maria’s experience could be a perfect activity for you to include in your trip to Thessaloniki or Khalkidhiki. 



  • If the minimum number of participants is not completed up to 48 hours before a scheduled event, then the event may not take place and its bookings may not be able to be approved.
  • If a participant cancels up to 48 hours before a scheduled event, they are entitled to a full refund. A later cancellation is not refundable.